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RollMaster 1000 Parking Lot Striping Machine
Rollmaster 1000 paint striping machine

™ simply are the easiest striping machines to use. In just a few minutes anyone can learn to stripe parking lots, warehouses or playgrounds like a pro. Plus, the Rollmasters beat expensive, gasoline powered striping machines hands down. The Rollmaster Paint Stripers:
  • Are less expensive to buy
  • Are less expensive to operate
  • Are less expensive to maintain
  • Paint a better quality line with sharper edges
  • Create no over spray so you can safely stripe within three inches of cars or other obstacles.

Key Features

Product Overview

The RollMaster 1000 Line Painting Machine features:

Economical – Get rid of those expensive, clog prone aerosol stripers. Use the RollMaster™ 1000 Line Painting Machine with economical 1-gallon cans of bulk paint for perfect lines every time.

Easy to Use – So simple you can do a great striping job your first time out. Foolproof tubing squeeze pump delivers paint from standard paint can directly to the foam roller. It is light weight and easy to handle.

Safe – No dangerous engine, high pressure pumps & hoses or explosive aerosol cans.

Quiet & Clean -No engine or compressor noise, harmful fumes or over spray. Stripe inside or out anytime day or night. Plus, with no over spray you can stripe within 2 inches of cars, walls or other obstacles.

Fast Clean up – Clean up is quick and easy. Simply rinse roller mandrel and tubes. Rollers can be disposed of after use.

Ideal Application

Anyone wanting the best possible line quality at an economical price.



DIMENSIONS: Base, 11”w x 16”l. Handle height, 35"
20 lbs via UPS, Ground

CAPACITY: Base accepts one-gallon can of paint., saving you hundreds of dollars compared to aerosol stripers.

EASY ASSEMBLY: Insert handle into base and attach control lever cable to actuating arm.

PAINT TYPES: Use water or oil base paints, even the environmentally safe latexes and low VOC paints.

Not recommended for use with lacquer, fast dry or epoxy paints.

OPERATION: Place one gallon can on base, insert suction tube and begin striping. The simple suction action of the wheel driven roller pump makes this the easiest machine to operate. Handle mounted lever adjusts the flow of paint to the roller.

CONSTRUCTION: Heavy duty industrial grade construction of die cast aluminum and structural steel. Roller covers are foam rubber with a PVC core.

SAFETY FEATURES: No engine, compressor or high pressure hoses. No oil to change, no fumes, no flammable gasoline,

no spray tip to clog.

EASY CLEAN UP: Clean up consists of rinsing the roller mandrel and paint delivery tubes. Inexpensive roller cover and hose can be disposed of after each use. No tank, pump, spray gun or hoses to clean.

WARRANTY: 18 month material and workmanship.


4" Roller Kit, roller hose & disc's P# 10000639 $10.95

3" Roller Kit 10001193 10.95

2" Roller Kit 10000640 10.95

4" 12 Pack rollers & disc's 10000728 75.00

3" 12 pack 10001461 75.00

2" 12 pack 10000729 75.00

Item #Rollmaster1000

Available Accessory Roller Kits

Price $710.00 

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