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McDonalds 34" DRIVE Parking Lot Stencil

McDonalds 34" DRIVE Parking Lot Stencil

Size: 34"h x 71"w, 5" Stroke

This DRIVE stencil is the spec for McDonalds resturants, 34" tall. Combine with a THRU, THANK and YOU stencil to complete your McDonalds parking lot.
McDonalds Parking Lot Stencils
Key Features

• Ease of Use

• Durable and flexible 1/8" Plastic (125 mil) 

• Easy to Clean

• Lifetime Warranty on 1/8" thick acrylic

Our Tough McDonalds stencils to mark your McDonalds parking lot, roads, streets, warehouses and other facilities.

Our Tough McDonalds stencils are more flexible and heavier than other stencils allowing them to conform to any smooth or rough surface that needs marking. You always get the sharpest, most accurate stencil markings possible.

Our Tough McDonalds parking lot stencils make cleanup a snap: When the paint dries it simply flakes off!

Our Tough McDonalds stencils are simply the best stencils made, cut from 1/8" plastic and are the only stencils backed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY

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Item #10002871

Price $99.00 

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